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Upcycling is the re-using of discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original

We turn used and unwanted plastic containers, glass bottles, jars, cardboard cartons, tin cans, old clothes, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and many more everyday  household items into beautiful utility items, toys, home decorations and accessories




After school clubs and special events for kids (4-13 yrs), creating toys, costumes, gadgets and decorative products



Workshops specifically designed for adults, creating home decorations, DIY and interior design products 



 Workshops to promote social responsibility and upcycling amongst leading corporates and professionals 



Workshops as part of government programs to raise environmental awareness, particularly on significant occasions 


Daria Gohari

To create the Upcycle Lab, the founder Daria Gohari was inspired by her trip to the village of Auroville near Chennai India, whose inhabitants practice upcycling as part of a daily routine, both for their own needs and to earn additional income through the sale of newly created items from everyday household waste. Thanks to this initiative, the amount of village waste have been significantly reduced and the proceeds from the sale of objects are benefiting the entire community

Upcycle Lab is based on giving old objects that would otherwise land in a garbage bin (such as: plastic bottles, cardboards, metal cans, glass jars, old toys, broken furniture, used clothing, etc.) a new life. We create new toys, costumes, accessories, gadgets and interior decorations from these items and materials. It's all about imagination, thinking outside the box and moving into a creative new mindset, where we can essentially learn to build something from nothing

Daria has 12 years of professional experience in UAE and Poland, across different industries, including design, hospitality, renewables and education. She holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Warsaw and a degree in Costume Design from the International School of Fashion & Costume Design in Warsaw 


“My son is absolutely obsessed with the Upcycle Lab. As a result he is much more creative around the house, is more environmentally conscious and prefers to make things rather than buy new in a store now ” 

— Ms. Alexandra W.

"For us parents, it is important to instil a sense of love and respect for this wonderful planet we call home to our kids. This is a big reason why we love this Upcycle Project. It is a creative way to get kids involved and be conscious about how we can all help out to reduce waste. Eva really enjoys every single session and she is absolutely excited about giving a second life to what we wrongly call house rubbish"


— Ms. Montse C.


“Daria creates a very warm, friendly and safe space that allows children to develop to their full potential while learning about ecology and opens their imaginations and sensations to a broad spectrum of materials and techniques”

— Ms. Maria S.

  • Easter Meeting & Upcycling Workshop
    අප්‍රේල් 04 සෙන
    Praga Południe
    Easter meeting with residents at Szembek Square
  • Upcycle Workshop @ Orzo
    මාර්තු 29 ඉරිදා
    ORZO people-music-nature Restauracja Kon
    Festival of handicraft, recycling and good design at Koneser, Praga (Orzo Restaurant). Date and time: Sunday March 29, 2020, 12-4PM
  • Zero Waste Fair 2020 (Targi Zero Waste)
    මාර්තු 20 සිකු
    Hala Gwardii
    The trade fair will include lectures, discussions, workshops on waste-free, economical and ecological lifestyle. Date and time: Friday March 20, 2020, 10AM-12PM
  • Upcycle Workshop @ No Problem Bracka 20
    මාර්තු 15 ඉරිදා
    No Problem
    Upcycle lab zero waste workshop for both kids and parents held in Warsaw city centre in a relaxed atmosphere at No Problem
  • Upcycle Workshop @ Orzo
    මාර්තු 01 ඉරිදා
    ORZO people-music-nature Restauracja Kon
    Festival of handicraft, recycling and good design at Koneser, Praga (Orzo Restaurant). Date and time: Sunday March 1, 2020, 3-5PM

Warsaw, Poland

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